The Merc Is Armed And Dangerous In Another Round Of Deadpool 2 Set Photos


Vancouver, Canada is currently playing host to the Merc With a Mouth and already, Ryan Reynolds’ gun-toting anti-hero has made his presence known.

Just yesterday, for instance, we brought you the first wave of Deadpool 2 set photos – set photos in which the Merc crashed a birthday party in spectacular fashion. That deluge continues unabated today, only this time around, the folks over at Just Jared have snapped Deadpool out in the streets and, seemingly, on the trail of an as-yet-unknown perpetrator. Cable, perhaps? Or an armed goon tearing up the streets of Vancouver? It’s impossible to know for sure.

It is, after all, still early, early days on the set of David Leitch’s action sequel, so don’t expect any firm answers to those questions until such a time as 20th Century Fox is ready to pump out Deadpool 2‘s inaugural teaser. June 1st, 2018 is the current release date, so just like New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix before it, Leith’s follow-up is making good time ahead of its much-anticipated launch next year.

Here’s a collection of those set photos, courtesy of Just Jared:

Elsewhere, the returning T.J. Miller has been busy teasing a potential scene involving his Weasel and Dopinder, Karan Son’s fan-favorite taxi driver and all-around chaffuer to the Merc himself. Neither character crossed paths with one another in the original sleeper hit, so it’ll be interesting to see if David Leitch and his team choose to include the seemingly hilarious exchange.

On June 1st, 2018, Deadpool 2 will see Reynolds spearhead a cast comprised of Josh Brolin (Cable) and Zazie Beetz (Domino), along with the returning Blind Al and Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa. Unfairly pushed to the sidelines in the original movie, there’s been chatter that Baccarin’s character could undergo a significant transformation in the sequel, which may well signal the advent of Copycat. Stay tuned for more.

Source: Just Jared

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