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Metal Gear Solid Director Calls Out Black Widow Trailer For White Suit

The director of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie has drawn comparison between his film and Black Widow. ANd he's gone into quite some detail.

Black Widow

When people think of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, they generally think of Hideo Kojima’s masterfully-executed stealth games, but the franchise goes beyond just the much beloved action series. Those who don’t yet know may be interested to hear that a movie’s currently in development with Jordan Vogt-Roberts (King: Skull Island) attached to helm. And now, it appears that the young director’s throwing shade at the Black Widow film, making claims that it may have copied some aspects of the video game series.

In a post on Twitter recently, he specifically pointed to similarities between MGS and the Black Widow trailer, making reference to a certain “patriot who saved the world.”

There’s definitely a hint of sarcasm in his tweet which points a finger at the trailer, perhaps insisting that the white suit worn in the preview is strikingly close to the one worn by the Metal Gear Solid protagonist. The side-by-side screenshots in the post only seem to confirm his accusation, too.

He delves deeper into the conspiracy as well by providing more screenshot evidence that there are huge similarities between the Black Widow suit and that worn by the Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3, before claiming MGS‘s original designer, Yoji Shinkawa, to be a “living legend.”

He then continues with even more comparisons, leaving post after post on Twitter about how there are undeniable similarities between Metal Gear Solid and Black Widow. Suffice it to say, for anyone who does decide to venture to this thread, there’s a lot to take in.

Frankly, there’s a ton to untangle here and it could be an easy conclusion to reach given Vogt-Roberts’ analyses, but he seems keen to withhold judgement. What do you think of all this, though? Does the director have a point? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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