DC Comics Fans Think A Green Lantern Ring Just Flew Over Australia

Green Lantern Corps

With race wars, burning continents, murder hornets and a worldwide pandemic threatening to put an end to human existence as we know it, 2020 has been such a bizarre and terrifying year that there really is nothing that would seem surprising anymore. Next up: in the wee hours of Monday morning what looked like a blazing ball of green flame lit up the sky over northwestern Australia, and there is of course only one logical conclusion that can be drawn: Sector 2814 has a new Green Lantern.

The feelings of fear and powerlessness plaguing many right now is a real problem, and is something the Yellow Lanterns could feed off, so it stands to reason that we need one of the Emerald Knights to battle whatever machinations they have in store for our ravaged planet. Many people have had similar thoughts, and made sure to share them.

Of course, those boring scientists with their expert understanding of the fundamental operational nature of the universe have a different theory. They claim it was a meteor that strayed too close to the Earth’s atmosphere and became superheated as its path met the friction of the dense layer of gases that allows us to survive on this fragile rock hanging alone in the black depths of infinity, with the magnesium deposits on the meteor’s surface becoming hot enough to catch fire, causing the verdant incandescence.

This isn’t the first instance of chromatic natural phenomena having people excited for the potential emergence of a savior, as we’ve already had the possibility of the Avatar returning. However, I would argue that instead of a Green Lantern, what we could really use is a Blue Lantern, as rather than the emotional balance of willpower, they’re fueled by hope, which is something we could all use more than a little of right now.