MGM Setting Up A Child’s Play Reboot

It has been rumored for a while that everyone’s favorite killer doll Chucky will be returning in a remake of Child’s Play. The rights for the first film are owned by MGM while the rights for the sequels are owned by Universal. This led to some messy issues but it seems as if the rights issues have supposedly been worked out and according to a 2008 interview with writer Don Mancini, this remake of the original will “make [Chucky] scary again.” Perhaps the best news about this though is that Brad Dourif will return to voice Chucky and there is also a possibility of Mancini directing.

Production will apparently begin sometime later this year and the film will be more of a reboot. As Dan said, it will be darker and less comedic. The Child’s Play series got funnier as they went along, so it might be difficult for audiences to take the Chucky character seriously as a dark character. Still, I think this could work with the right script and it will be nice to see the return of the iconic Chucky.

What do you think?

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