Mia Goth is ready for some axe murder in the new ‘Pearl’ poster

Mia Goth in Pearl wielding an ax
Image via A24

A new poster has arrived for Pearl, the horror prequel to X, which is sure to give slasher film fans goosebumps, in the best possible way.

You may have already seen the poster, which features star Mia Goth wielding an axe, at a movie theater near you lately. This writer even came across the poster at a movie theater when he saw Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero this past weekend, indicating it is the genuine article. But the image has only just now surfaced online, thanks to an Instagram fan account dedicated to the artwork of movie studio A24.

“This new poster for Pearl can be seen since [a] few weeks ago in theaters in the United States,” the fan account explained. “To date, and according to the information to which it is possible for me to have access, no Agency or artist has claimed responsibility for its design.”

Last month, A24 unveiled an official poster and trailer for Pearl. However, this new image set against a barnyard door has yet to be officially released by the movie studio’s Twitter account, from what we could tell.

X, which also starred Goth in two roles, gained critical acclaim when it was released earlier this year. The prequel film, Pearl, which was also helmed by director Ti West, was secretly filmed in conjunction with that aforementioned slasher, according to IMDb. While X was set in 1979, Pearl is going even further back in time to 1918, to trace the origins of the titular antagonist.

While West was the sole writer for X, in addition to being the film’s director, Goth has a co-writing credit for the prequel, Pearl.

Check out Pearl in theaters on September 16.