Michael B. Jordan To Lead The Thomas Crown Affair Remake



Despite the misfire that was Fantastic Four, it seems that Michael B. Jordan’s career is soaring higher than ever. Coming off an incredible performance in Creed, the actor will now headline a remake of The Thomas Crown Affair.

For those unfamiliar with the property, it was first turned into a film in 1968 under Norman Jewison. Steve McQueen starred in the crime caper as a rich playboy who gets into the heist business, while Faye Dunaway co-starred as an insurance investigator.

In 1999, the film was remade under John McTiernan, with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in the lead roles. While Jewison’s version was definitely the stronger of the two, they’re both enjoyable heist flicks and provide enough entertainment to warrant a watch.

Now, Jordan is set to lead MGM’s new remake, which is currently without a writer or director. As such, we’ve got nothing to go on in terms of plot or what the studio plans to do with this version of the story. With Jordan attached though, you can be sure that it’s a project we’ll be keeping our eye on.

Tell us, who would you like to see co-star with Michael B. Jordan in The Thomas Crown Affair? Sound off below and let us know.

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