Michael Bay Casts Mark Wahlberg’s Daughter & Her Boyfriend In Transformers 4

Having presumably held his obligatory “jean short auditions” to find the most appropriate candidate to be objectified by his camera, Michael Bay has chosen Nicola Peltz, a 17-year-old actress who you might know from The Last Airbender, to take the role of Mark Wahlberg’s daughter for the next entry in his robot smash franchise, Transformers 4: Transformier.

And set to play her boyfriend is Brenton Thwaites, a dishy young stud from Australia, who’ll ride a motorbike and bicker with Walhberg’s character, because that’s what a movie about two teenagers, a father and giant robots from outer space usually involves.

News of said casting comes soon after Wahlberg himself signed on for the movie based on a suggestion that the internet made, a suggestion which mistakenly reported that “Mark Wahlberg is set to star in Transformers 4“, only for Michael Bay to decide that, yes, thank-you internet, that’s actually not such a bad idea.

Nothing has been revealed yet as to what exactly Transformers 4 will involve or be about, though having glimpsed even twenty seconds of footage from any previous outing in this franchise will give you all the information you need (it rhymes with blexplosion). Now Michael Bay just needs to decide which city to blow up, and we can get this thing rollin’.

Transformers 4 will robot CGI its way into theatres on June 27th, 2014.

Source: TheFilmStage