Michael Bay Looking To Objectify Isabelle Cornish & Nicola Peltz For Transformers 4

Michael Bay‘s at it again: Now that he’s taken the internet’s advice and found a leading man in Mark Wahlberg, Bay is looking at two attractive young actresses with whom he might objectify with his camera for the upcoming Transformers 4. And he’s apparently got his eye on Isabelle Cornish (younger sister of Abbie Cornish) and Nicola Peltz, who will presumably be invited to Bay’s mansion to have a “climbing over motorcycle in tight jean shorts” contest. Based on the results of that, and assuming they pass a few preliminary tests, such as “dodging invisible robot foes” and “acting without a plot”, they’ll land a part.

For those of you who are wondering why Mark Wahlberg is going to find himself paired with a teenage girl for this movie, perhaps it’s better now if we tell you that one of these actors will play his daughter. And apparently she’ll be in a whole lot of distress, meaning that Daddy Wahlberg will have to rescue her or something. At least with a father/daughter relationship we’re free of Bay’s previously dimensional-less female incarnations who only serve to sex up the place.

Bay is also looking to bring in another male character for Transformers 4, and is reportedly in the process of auditioning with Luke Grimes, Hunter Parrish, Jack Reynor and Brenton Thwaites, who are all people you and I have never heard of. One of these lucky actors, will, however, assume the role of “Mark Wahlberg’s Daughter’s Boyfriend”, which is absolutely the name of a Boston-based sitcom that we would love to see on the air at some point very soon.

Source: The Playlist

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