Michael Bay Reportedly In Talks To Direct Deadpool Vs. Marvel Universe Movie


Brace yourselves. This one’s going to be bumpy.

Michael Bay is reportedly in talks to direct a Deadpool movie based on the “Deadpool kills Fox’s Marvel universe” idea Ryan Reynolds pitched last year. Whether this is the Deadpool 3 Disney have been planning since they acquired the property, or a separate project, isn’t completely clear. Whichever it is, one imagines such a move would be met with a mixed reception. And ‘mixed’ is a placeholder for absolutely *******.

In any case, see below for the latest scoop from insider Roger Wardell:

Perhaps more than any other report I’ve ever written, this comes with the caveat that this isn’t set in stone. I say that because by god, this needs to not be set in stone. If it is, rest assured there is no god.

The Transformer man (also known as the Mass Extinction Event) is only “in talks” to direct this movie. That doesn’t mean avaricious Disney executives suckered in by his bottom line will give him the dotted line to sign on. By talks, this might mean a phone call, or a disappointing lunch, or a silence-filled first date that’ll never pass first base. Just let the memory fade away as one of life’s ‘boy I’m glad I didn’t get on that plane’ moments.

Now, impartiality guidelines I just made up state that I have to approach this story with balance, presenting both sides of the argument in a seemly manner. So, in the interest of those high principles, let me tell you that made up guidelines can be ignored just like Transformers 4 ignored any semblance of good taste. This isn’t the BBC, folks.

Got any thoughts of your own on this latest rumor though? The stage is set for your counter-points (or unequivocal concurrence) in the comments section, so let us know what you think of Michael Bay potentially directing a Deadpool movie down below.