Michael Caine’s Representatives Deny He’s Retired From Acting

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Reverberations were sent around the internet yesterday when Michael Caine revealed during a recent appearance on a British radio show that he no longer considered himself an actor, having not worked in two years due to the pandemic, with the veteran star filling his time by writing books instead.

Even though the words that came directly out of the two-time Academy Award winner’s mouth in regards to last month’s dramatic comedy Best Sellers were “I think it would be my last picture”, Caine’s representatives responded to a request for comment from TheWrap, who were told that he isn’t retired.

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There was no quote to go along with the rebuttal, so we’ll need to see what the living legend himself has to say on the matter. After all, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer starts shooting early next year and Caine has played a role in every one of the filmmaker’s projects since Batman Begins, so if he doesn’t show up in the historical biopic then the question will rear its head again.

At 88 years old, Michael Caine has absolutely nothing to prove to anybody, so if he does or doesn’t act again it’s his call, and his fans will respect whatever decision he ultimately ends up making.