Michael Cera Lands Role In Magic Magic

Indie darling Michael Cera has been cast in Magic, Magic, a thriller helmed by Sebastion Silva (The Maid) and set in Chile. According to a Variety report, Cera will play a co-starring role in this thriller about a girl who goes mental while on vacation.

Not much is known about Magic, Magic yet, except that the story surrounds “a girl vacationing with her friends in a remote area of Chile who slowly starts losing her mental faculties. She tries to get her friends’ attention, but they ignore her until it’s too late.” As the female lead hasn’t been cast, there is no news of when filming will begin.

Rumor has it that Cera is brushing up on his Spanish in preparation for the role. We haven’t seen much of Cera since the extraordinarily fun Scott Pilgrim vs. the World came out last year, and it sounds like he’s looking to spread his acting wings. Cera is best known for his indie romantic comedy roles as the awkward but loveable geek. I’m not sure he actually has any range, as he’s never played any other type of role, but I’m looking forward to seeing if he does.