Michael Chiklis Wants To Play Fantastic Four’s The Thing In The MCU


It’s official! Disney has bought Fox, meaning that the X-Men and Fantastic Four will likely be integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe before long. While some fans are worried about what might happen with the current X-Universe, as it’s being called, it’s fair to say that just about everyone is pleased that Marvel’s First Family are returning home.

Fox has had three attempts in the past to nail a Fantastic Four movie, but have fluffed it every time. While there’s not much to defend in 2015’s effort, 2005’s outing and 2007’s Rise of the Silver Surfer did have some redeeming qualities. Sure, they were dumb and corny, but they did introduce Marvel fans to Chris Evans, who later swapped Human Torch for Captain America.

But could the MCU pair Evans up with one of his old FF cast members? That’s what Michael Chiklis is hoping for. The actor, who portrayed Ben Grimm/The Thing in the first two movies, took to Twitter following the Disney/Fox deal announcement to hint that he would love to get a chance to reprise the role – so that he can clobber the Hulk!

Could this actually happen, though? Well, it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Certainly Chiklis would likely be welcome to some sort of role in the MCU. Apart from Evans, Julian McMahon – who played Dr. Doom in the old FF movies – has just joined the franchise as Jonah in Runaways. As for the Thing, Marvel would likely create the character with CGI, rather than the practical suit used in the original films, and Chiklis would be a great choice to provide the character’s voice.

In any case, there’s nothing to say that Marvel are going to rush into making another Fantastic Four movie right away. It’ll happen, don’t get us wrong, but we’ve no idea when and as such, there’s no point in getting all excited just yet.

Tell us, though, who would you like to see play the Thing in an MCU version of the Fantastic Four? Should Marvel look to the past, or get someone new for the role? Let us know in the comments section down below.