Here’s How Michael Fassbender Could Look As The DCEU’s Reverse-Flash


Humor me on this one. There’s a history of actors crossing the divide from one superhero franchise to another. For instance, Michael Keaton starred as the Caped Crusader in Tim Burton’s Batman movies, before battling Tom Holland’s Spider-Man as Vulture in the MCU.

Similarly, Christian Bale is set to make the same jump from The Dark Knight to Marvel baddie in Thor: Love and Thunder. So, why not get behind Michael Fassbender to play The Flash’s arch nemesis Reverse-Flash? He’s already established his supervillain credentials as Magneto in the X-Men universe. Plus, he has a perfect evil smile for it.

Or at least, that’s what Instagram artist @Spdrmnkyxxiii pointed out when sharing their fan realization of the concept. See below for their take on how Fassbender would look as the Reverse-Flash:

The immediate, utterly facetious thought I had when seeing this was: is Reverse-Flash an actual villain and not just a joke about phone cameras? The answer is no, he’s no joke. DC fans need no telling that Reverse-Flash has been around since long before the advent of phone cameras – 1963, in fact. Yep, this benighted individual learnt something new today.

As far as The Flash goes, plot details and casting news beyond that of Ezra Miller’s involvement (for now, at least) remain pretty hazy, but until information starts coming our way, you’re welcome to join in with the fun of imagining dream choices like Fassbender for Reverse-Flash. By the look of the current release/production timetable, it may be a little while yet before we can do otherwise.

If you’ve got any thoughts of your own on this flashy fan art (did everyone just grown simultaneously?), drop a comment below. There are sleazier flash puns available to me, so I’d cut your losses if I were you.