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Michael Fassbender Prepares To Leap Into Action In Latest Assassin’s Creed Still

Yahoo has premiered a fresh look at Michael Fassbender decked out as Aguilar in Ubisoft Motion Pictures' live-action Assassin's Creed movie.


Nine long months ago, 2016 was being held up as a genuine turning point for video game movies, with the likes of Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed and even Angry Birds: The Movie all cramming up the cinematic calendar. Two of that trio have landed in theaters and, despite critical drummings, the box office performance of both Warcraft and Angry Birds has sparked sequel chatter from both Sony and Legendary.

However that may be, the one 2016 adaptation that is teeming with potential is that of Justin Kurzel’s Assassin’s Creed – not least because of its all-star cast. Anchoring that ensemble in the dual role of Callum Lynch/Aguilar is X-Men stalwart Michael Fassbender, and Yahoo has showcased a new action shot this weekend of our hero ready to pounce. Working in the dark to serve those in the light, Fassbender will be joined by Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Ariane Labed, and Callum Turner when the historical adventure checks into theaters in a few months’ time.

Speaking of which, for a video game franchise famed for its leap of faith, Ubisoft and New Regency have been bullish in their release plans for Assassin’s Creed, placing Kurzel’s feature smack bang in the middle of the crowded December corridor. Set for release on December 21, it’ll be jostling for a share of the limelight alongside Rogue One, Passengers, Office Christmas Party, and much more. Mind you, AC will open a little later for those in the UK, with Yahoo noting that Kurzel’s actioner will now debut on January 6.


Through a revolutionary technology that unlocks his genetic memories, Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) experiences the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain. Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Templar organization in the present day.

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