Michael B. Jordan In Talks To Play The Human Torch In Fantastic Four Reboot


Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot is slated to hit theatres in 2015, so casting is likely going to fall into place very soon. The latest actor rumoured to be up for a role in the film is Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan, who may play Johnny Storm.

Considering Trank was able to land this gig largely based on his success with Chronicle, it makes sense that he’d want to work with some of those actors again. Dane DeHaan is busy hanging around with Peter Parker right now, so Jordan is a logical choice.

I actually think that Jordan would be a really solid fit for the role. Chris Evans wasn’t horrible, but his move to playing Captain America was definitely a good call, both for Evans’ career and for the character. Jordan, whose career began with roles on Friday Night Lights and The Wire, has been doing quite well with features recently. In addition to Chronicle, he delivered a solid performance in Red Tails and most critics say he’s excellent in Fruitvale Station. In terms of his ability to play a superhero, and specifically the Human Torch, I really don’t see why he can’t do it. He’s certainly got the build and athleticism to work as a superhero, and he also does quite well with the arrogance and wit that audiences have come to love so dearly for today’s comic heroes.

Of course, this potential casting again raises questions about color-blind casting when it comes to these beloved comic book heroes. Johnny Storm has always been white in the comics and therefore some would argue that he should be in the films as well. I say that if Jordan has the chops to pull off the role and make it a fun one for audiences to watch, it really doesn’t matter what color his skin is. Look at Michael Clarke Duncan who so effectively played the Kingpin. That was color-blind casting that paid off immensely.

It’s important to remember this film still hasn’t been green-lit. It does already have a March 6, 2015 release date, and principle photography is expected to begin this fall, but there’s always a chance that the film still won’t happen. That being said, a solid actor like Jordan that audiences can get behind will definitely help the project along.

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