Here’s How Michael Keaton Could Look As Bruce Wayne In A Batman Beyond Movie

batman beyond banner

Taking into account how popular Batman Beyond was when it originally ran as an animated series about twenty years ago – and how it remains beloved to this day – it’s continually baffled me as to why Warner Bros. haven’t revisited that tale. Well, DC Comics have published a variety of books continuing its legacy, but all we’ve seen on the animation side of things were the “Epilogue” episode of Justice League Unlimited and a DC Nation short released in 2014.

In my view, that’s not enough.

If I were to have my way, then Warner Home Entertainment would get the talented folks behind the wonderful DC animated films cracking on something following up on the cartoon we all fell in love with, but I’m not writing the checks. Or, perhaps the live action movie we all deserve could finally come to fruition.

Well, if recent reports pan out, then we’ll see the adventures of Terry McGinnis adapted to the silver screen within our lifetime. Not only that, but Michael Keaton would slip back into the role of his mentor, Bruce Wayne. Giving us an idea of how this could look is digital artist Kunal Chopra, who was kind enough to post the handsome piece found below on Instagram.

Now, what I like about this artwork is that Keaton doesn’t look too doctored. In other words, I entirely believe this is how he would appear as an older Bruce Wayne. I’ve seen other mock-ups online as of late, and some have gone as far to have his jaw appear as if it gained twenty pounds. Hey, our earlobes and noses may continue growing as we age, but I’m not so sure we’re all fated to look like Stan Smith from American Dad.

The rendition of Terry McGinnis here, meanwhile, looks to have used Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight as a blueprint. This is one instance in which I think tall ears are best fit for the cowl, but he’s still looking pretty badass. That said, keep watching this space as more Batman Beyond news hopefully develops.