Michael Keaton In Talks To Lead McDonalds Movie The Founder


Michael Keaton’s recent career boost thanks to his stellar turn in Birdman has already bagged the former Batman a Golden Globe, and as of this morning, his first Academy Award nomination. Keeping his eye on the prize, the actor isn’t taking his foot off the gas any time soon, as THR reports that Keaton is tipped to lead McDonalds biopic, The Founder.

Described as The Social Network meets There Will Be Blood, The Founder will lens under the experienced eye of John Lee Hancock. A solid choice for that responsibility, as the director’s resume is already peppered with award-winning biopics including Sandra Bullock-starrer The Blind Side and Walt Disney tale, Saving Mr. Banks. These two films might have bordered on the sentimental, but The Founder strikes as a much darker rags-to-riches story. Penned by Big Fan screenwriter Robert Siegel, the film traces the origins of the fast food giant from its humble beginnings to its success as a major global franchise.

If Keaton clambers aboard, he could be in for another successful awards season, as it’s expected he will tackle the role of former Illinois salesman Ray Kroc. A key player in McDonalds’ rise to fame, he famously bought the franchise from its creators, a pair of brothers operating their start-up burger shack in Southern California. Impressed by their methods, Kroc worked his way into the company and managed to transform it into the billion-dollar property it is today.

As it stands, Keaton is still in the negotiation stage concerning his involvement. It’s believed that the actor met with Hancock earlier this week to discuss the role before being extended a formal offer. Considering his revamped career, that looks set to include a trip to a monster-filled oasis in Kong: Skull Island, it seems likely he’ll sign on for The Founder in the near future.

We’ll keep you posted if and when that occurs, along with any other news on the McDonalds movie.

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