Michael Mann Set To Direct Gold, Teaming With Paul Haggis

Michael Mann last had a movie in cinemas two years ago with Public Enemies, an underrated if very flawed movie, however after mooting various projects and finishing helming his TV pilot for David Milch’s Luck at HBO, with Dustin Hoffman, Joan Allen and Nick Nolte starring, Mann is moving closer to what could be his next film. It is called Gold, a film which has been described as a contemporary thriller about the search for gold which is in a similar spirit to the classic The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

The film was brought to him by Paul Haggis and from a spec script by John Zinman and Patrick Massett. Haggis originally had eyes to direct it but after other projects took his attention he brought it to Mann as a producer and it is now set up at Forward Pass productions with Mann very keen to get production underway on it. There are no actors attached yet and it is looking to really get started up before finding a studio to base it at. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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