This comedian is the only person to be killed by both Michael Myers and Mike Myers

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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, starring Canadian comedian and former Saturday Night Live star Mike Myers, was released on May 2, 1997. Halloween Kills, the 12th installment of the Halloween franchise and sequel to 2018’s Halloween, was released on Oct. 15, 2021.

At face value, the two films have very little in common other than the similar name of the Austin Powers actor and Halloween character. However, one Twitter user took it a level deeper this week by pointing out an actor who had appeared in both movies and met their demise at the hands of both respective Myers. (Myerses?)

“This is comedian Michael McDonald, who thanks to his appearances in both AUSTIN POWERS (1997) and HALLOWEEN KILLS (2021), is the only person to have been killed on-screen by both Mike Myers and Michael Myers,” tweeted video store owner Dave Wain.

Within a day, the tweet had gone super viral, accumulating over 75,000 likes and many additional retweets.

For the uninitiated, McDonald appeared as one of Dr. Evil’s henchmen in the 1997 comedy, where he was eventually slowly crushed to death by a steamroller being driven by Austin Powers and Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley). On the other hand, in Halloween Kills, McDonald played “Little John” Massey, one of the new owners of the old Myers house. We probably don’t need to elaborate on the character’s fate, so let’s just assume things got kinda “stabby.”

Do with this knowledge what you will — but there’s no doubt that eventually, it is going to make someone very happy at their local bar’s trivia night.

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