Michael Myers Set To Return In Halloween 3D


No amount of stabbing, shooting, electrocution, bludgeoning, mincing, etc. will ever stop masked murderer Michael Myers. Since he made his first appearance in John Carpenter’s original Halloween back in 1978,  he’s dealt with his prepubescent angst by picking up the knife and having his wicked way with hormonal teens.

It looks like Myers still refuses to play dead – at least, that’s the scoop from Bloody Disgusting, who’ve released an exclusive nugget of news about the upcoming Halloween 3D. According to their sources at Cannes, The Weinstein Company is eager to get the horror reboot-remake onto the production slate quick sharp.

Could the flick be based on the script penned by My Bloody Valentine 3D director Patrick Lussier and his writing partner Todd Farmer? That particular screenplay is the stuff of fanboy lore, having been completed in only eight days way back in 2009. Presented to TWC, hopes were high to fast track the movie to immediately follow Rob Zombie’s Halloween II remake.

The resurgence in slasher remakes shows no signs of slowing down. The campy Friday The 13th was rebooted in 2009, and is in the docket for ANOTHER reboot by Platinum Dunes, who’re against the clock to get production rolling. As if that prospect wasn’t enough to get you salivating, good old Jason Vorhees will also be heading to the small screen for a TV series about his murderous escapades. Along with the MTV series based on the post-modern horror franchise, Scream, it seems like horror is nipping at the trendy heels of television.

Of course, there’s a chance that Halloween 3D might free itself from the shackles of Carpenter’s original nine-sequel spawning entry and Zombie’s gritty retread to spawn an entirely new era for the much-loved franchise. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see though, right?