Michael Shannon Weighs In On Possible Return As Zod In Supergirl Movie

General Zod

Infamously, Superman snapped his neck at the end of Man of Steel, but this being the DC universe, there’s still a chance that General Zod could return in the future of the franchise. While Warner Bros. isn’t pressing forward with another vehicle for Henry Cavill’s Last Son of Krypton right now, they are quietly working on a Supergirl movie. They could either make this a reboot or continue on from the Cavill films. If they went with the latter though, would Michael Shannon be up for a return as the iconic supervillain?

This question was put to the two-time Oscar nominee during an interview with Gold Coast Bulletin and Shannon admitted that he wasn’t aware of a Supergirl movie being on the way, so he didn’t have an answer prepared for whether he’d be willing to play Zod again all these years later. As he put it:

“Wow, that’s interesting. I swear to God, I am not kidding — you are breaking this news to me. I will have to look into that. Zod again? I don’t know — it’s been a while. I am a little older and creakier now — I’m not sure I could do all the moves.

Apart from his slightly older age, Shannon also made clear that he would need Zack Snyder to be involved with the project if he was to come back, seeing as he values his time working with the filmmaker on Man of Steel. 

“Also, I have to say in complete and utter seriousness that I just loved working with Zack Snyder and that was a big part of it for me., I don’t know who’s making this Supergirl movie, but I really treasure that experience with Zack. He’s a hell of a guy.”

Just last month, We Got This Covered reported that WB is indeed considering bringing Shannon back as Zod for Supergirl. Whether they go with him or recast with another actor though, we’ve heard that the General will definitely feature in the film via flashbacks that’ll explore Kara Zor-El’s origins and the destruction of Krypton. As said above, though, there is some uncertainty over whether the movie will adhere to established continuity or whether it’ll start afresh.

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