Michael Strikes A Classic Slasher Pose In New Halloween Kills Photo


2018’s Halloween raised the bar for slasher sequels, but this year’s Halloween Kills sounds as if it’s going to be something truly special. Michael Myers is back once again to menace Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode and this time, things are set to get more extreme than they ever have before. The surviving cast of the 2018 film is returning, David Gordon Green is in the director’s chair and horror master John Carpenter is on board to provide another epic and chilling synth score.

Postponed a year due to COVID-19, Halloween Kills has been in the can for a while and Carpenter’s described the completed version as “the ultimate slasher.” All the evidence suggests he’s on the money and a new image from Empire Magazine shows Myers looking every inch the horror movie villain. His signature mask appears to be melted onto his face (which makes sense given the fiery way the last pic ended) and he’s wielding a bloody butcher’s knife, as you can see below.

With the COVID-19 vaccination program proceeding smoothly, it’s now looking like we’ll be back to a degree of normalcy by October and theaters will be open. I’m glad about that, too, as while some movies work well at home, you simply can’t beat watching a horror film with a receptive audience screaming along at all the right moments.

Halloween Ends will follow in October 2022, though given how much they’ve hyped up the carnage of this one, I shudder to think how they’re planning to top it. As that’ll be the finale of this mini-trilogy it’s likely that we’ll see Myers and Laurie Strode’s story come to a gruesome and definitive end. But don’t expect that to be the last we get of the iconic killer, as time has proven that he never stays in the ground for too long.

Halloween Kills will hit theaters on October 15th, 2021.