Michelle Pfeiffer In Talks For Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, Helena Bonham Carter Circling

Tim Burton’s adapation of the 60’s gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows, is rapidly moving forward with more roles being bandied around for actors. Set in Maine, Burton regular Johnny Depp will play the lead Barnabas Collins, the vampire who is looking for a lost love. Now another Burton muse, and his romantic parter, Helena Bonham Carter, hot from her BAFTA win on Sunday, is reportedly circling a role and previous collaborator Michelle Pfeiffer is currently in negotiations for a part.

If the deal goes through, The Hollywood Reporter tells us Pfeiffer will play the Collins family matriarch: Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, a woman who hasn’t left in the family mansion in over a decade. Bonham Carter will most likely play, Hoffman according to Deadline, a psychologist who moves to the fictional locale of Collinwood and forms a friendship with Barnabas, hopefully curing him of his vampiric lust for blood. If they join they will be part of a cast that also includes Eva Green, Bella Heatcote and Jackie Earle Haley.