Michelle Williams Suggests She’s Not Playing She-Venom


After it’d been rumoured for the last few months, Michelle Williams finally confirmed recently that she’s playing Anne Weying in Sony’s upcoming Venom standalone movie starring Tom Hardy. Of course, this is a name that came with a loaded meaning to fans, as Weying becomes She-Venom in the comics, after she bonds with an offshoot of the savage symbiote.

Naturally, it seemed a sure bet that this would be the direction the film would take, as well. However, the latest comments from Williams on her role in Venom suggest her character is not going to “symbiote up” in the movie. While talking to Collider, Williams was questioned about the recently revealed model work for the monster. She explained that she didn’t know a great deal about that process as her role in the film doesn’t crossover with the “digital realm.”

“That stuff exists in a realm that I’m not involved in. It’s in the digital realm. And I’m still a human, like, after all this time. They haven’t digitized me.”

That sounds a lot like Anne Weying won’t become She-Venom, then. Unless that is, Williams is keeping mum in order to preserve some surprise twist later on in the movie. That being said, it is possible that she’ll play Anne as a regular old human for the most part.

As Anne is also Eddie Brock’s ex-wife in the comics, Williams’ character could help humanize him as he becomes more and more consumed by the symbiote. Or, maybe She-Venom will be teased for a potential sequel in a Marvel-esque post-credits scene?

Either way, fans shouldn’t be too cut up if She-Venom isn’t involved in the production, as there are a whole bunch of other symbiotes likely to show up instead. Multiples sources – including director Ruben Fleischer and Tom Hardy – have cited comic book inspirations for Venom that feature six different symbiotes. Namely, Carnage, Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Agony. As such, there’s still much to look forward to when Venom swings into theaters on October 5th, 2018.