Iron Man 2’s Mickey Rourke Challenges Elon Musk To Bare Knuckle Fight In Johnny Depp’s Honor

Mickey Rourke

‘Battlin’ Mickey Rourke is at it again. Just over a week after he threatened to “embarrass severely 100%” Robert De Niro, he’s now turned his attention to Elon Musk. In the libel case that’s wrapping up in London now, text messages were revealed in which Johnny Depp accused Amber Heard of having an affair with Musk. In retaliation, Depp said he wanted to cut off Musk’s johnson. Hitting back, Musk challenged Depp to single combat in a cage fight.

At this point, Rourke’s ears pricked up. If anyone’s going to fight a billionaire in a cage, it’s going to be him. And so, to defend Johnny Depp’s honor, he put up his own fists. Over on his Instagram page, he said:

I just read that ELON MUSK has challenged Johnny Depp to a fight. I have the better idea if Elon Musk is in fighting mood he can fight someone his own size, i’d gladly love the opportunity to take you to school mr.tough guy Elon Musk. Bare fists,elbows and knees and i will only use one hand-my left. We can both put down $200k a piece, winner take all, no rules. So instead of picking on someone who weighs 130 lbs i am calling your ass out.
Warmest regards, Mickey “Marielito” Rourke.

Mickey Rourke

Though Rourke seems fairly unhinged these days, I’d definitely be rooting for him in a match against Musk. Plus, he famously has actual fighting experience. Prior to his acting career, he was an amateur boxer, returning to the sport in 1991 for a series of bouts which left his face “appallingly disfigured.” He stepped back into the ring as recently as 2014 when he fought Elliot Seymour in an exhibition match in Moscow, which he won by TKO (though the legitimacy of that victory is highly questionable).

Depp and Rourke both have high regard for one another, too, with Depp ensuring that Rourke got a role in Robert Rodriguez’s Once Upon A Time In Mexico. And let’s not forget that back in the 2000s, when Rourke was making his post-Sin City comeback, he revealed that he admired him greatly:

“Yeah Johnny, he is my brother…a great f**king guy and a guy who knows how to play this f**king Hollywood game…he does great work, he is a great actor, he does the Hollywood thing to support his movies and then he goes off and lives his life with his family. He knows how to do it… I wish I had his savvy when I was coming up man.”

So, c’mon Musk, are you a man or a mouse? Rourke is right there ready to go, and all you have to do is step into the ring with him. Everyone is bored after lockdown, so why not let us see some famous people beating the crap out of one another?

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