Midnight Meat Train Writer Addresses Rumors Of A Potential Sequel

Midnight Meat Train

The Midnight Meat Train was, in many ways, way ahead of its time. The grisly story of a struggling photographer stalking a serial killer was only given a limited theatrical release, but has garnered a cult following in the decade since it first terrified audiences. Support for a continuation of the Clive Barker adaptation has grown so strong that rumors have begun to spring up revolving a sequel or perhaps even a trilogy.

This, however, is news to Jeff Buhler. The screenwriter claimed in an interview that he has no knowledge of any future films in the works, though he says he would be interested in seeing what happens next:

“I have not had direct conversations about Midnight Meat Train, although I love that world. And I think we never really got a good dose of what the fathers were all about, the way it ends in the film with the train conductor explaining the world of the fathers doesn’t get all the way into the mythology in the story, with the fathers and the maker and the history of this society under New York City, and how important it is to keeping the ecosystem of New York City healthy. The symbiotic relationship that these monsters have with the city itself.”

While this may not have been the news that fans wanted to hear, it does bolster their case for a follow-up to the story. It’s unknown if any studio would take a chance on a sequel over a decade after the financially disappointing original, but the rise of streaming services could make the idea more enticing.

Midnight Meat Train

Platforms such as Netflix or Hulu have often thought outside the box when deciding on new projects to undertake. Lest we forget that Netflix decided to make TV series of Wet Hot American Summer fourteen years after the original movie came out.

That film and series starred Bradley Cooper, the Academy Award nominee who was also coincidentally in The Midnight Meat Train. The actor has shown a fondness for replaying characters that he’s played in the past, both with Wet Hot American Summer and the movie-turned-TV series Limitless.

If a potential sequel to the horror flick can get Cooper onboard, then it’s possible that some studio will be interested in picking up the project. Whether that actually happens remains to be seen, but for now, Buhler and other fans remain hopeful.