The Mighty Gates Of Azeroth Swing Open In Full-Length Warcraft: The Beginning Trailer


We’ve seen wondrous images, stirring posters and fantastical teasers; but now, Legendary has swung open the mighty gates of Azeroth in earnest with the release of the full-length trailer for Warcraft: The Beginning.

Building upon the all-too-brief clip released earlier in the week, today’s footage showcases the rolling hills of Draenor, Westfall and Stormwind in all of their mythic glory. At the crux of the story, though, is the first meeting between the humans and the Orcs. In fleeing their home world of Draenor, it’s the latter species that seeks pastures anew, and even from today’s riveting trailer, it’s clear that Duncan Jones’ fantasy won’t be purely a human-centric tale.


It’s been quite the week for the director, with his long-gestating sci-fi indie Mute picking up pace after recruiting Ant-Man star Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgård. It’ll act as something of a creative respite for Jones, who will take a step back from the blockbuster scene once Warcraft: The Beginning launches into theaters next June.

Warcraft: The Beginning will hope to jump-start a newfound fantasy franchise at Legendary when Jones’ live-action feature roars to life on June 10, 2016.