Mike White Pulls Out Of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

After only two months on the project and replacing David O. Russell, it has now been announced that Mike White, who was a surprising choice as director of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, has left the project. According to Deadline this is to do with his prior commitments to an HBO project and the scheduling just didn’t work out.

I loved the project and looked forward to working with Lionsgate. Unfortunately, the timing could not be worked out. I wish them the best with the movie.

So Lionsgate are now on the outlook for another director to step in. Before White was given the position, numerous names and more experienced directors were circling the film. The most favoured it seemed was horror alumni Neil Marshall, whose brand of extreme horror as well as dark humour was a perfect match for the esoteric tone of the novel. I’d still love to see him to it. We’ll keep up updated on any further movements with this adaptation.