Miles Teller Circling Role In DreamWorks PTSD Drama Thank You For Your Service


Miles Teller

After crafting a bona fide white-knuckle ride with last year’s Oscar-winning American Sniper, screenwriter Jason Hall is breaking new ground to make his directorial debut with PTSD drama, Thank You For Your Service. Having penned the script for the war flick himself, Hall is iterating on his American Sniper storytelling in a big way, and today The Wrap brings word that Whiplash and Fantastic Four star Miles Teller is in contention to join the nascent project.

It’s worth keeping in mind that there is currently no deal in place for Teller to board the DreamWorks flick, though early signs indicate he could be in line to play one of three US soldiers in the post-traumatic stress narrative. Arriving home from the Iraqi war, Thank You For Your Service charts the trials and tribulations left facing servicemen and women who try to assimilate back into society and the humdrum of normal life following a stint on the frontlines in a foreign country.

The theme itself was subtly tackled in America Sniper, with Bradley Cooper’s adrenaline junkie refusing to bend to societal norms. However, for Hall’s debut feature, the screenwriter-cum-director will be placing the issue of PTSD front and center, and should the DreamWorks film secure Teller, we imagine the other two lead roles will be filled sooner rather than later.

After all, Teller will be keen to put the superhero scene firmly behind him following the trainwreck formerly known as Fantastic Four, with boxing drama Bleed For This not to mention Todd Phillips’ Arms and the Dudes also on the horizon.

As for Thank You For Your Service, it’ll be based on David Finkel’s eponymous non-fiction novel which hit shelves in October of last year.

Source: The Wrap

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