Miles Morales continues trending as fans demand him in live-action

As you may be aware, there’s been an awful lot of Spider-Man chatter over the last 24 hours now that tickets for No Way Home have gone on sale and ignited virtual riots and literal fisticuffs.

In addition, we’ve had Sony producer Amy Pascal confirming that Tom Holland will be sticking around for another trilogy, which was music to the ears of fans everywhere, and you can barely turn around on Twitter without bumping into a hashtag or ten revolving around the friendly neighborhood superhero.

However, throughout the entirety of Spider-Monday and into today, Miles Morales has remained one of the top trending topics online. As you can see from a smattering of reactions below, the fanbase is growing louder in demanding he plays a role in the next set of adventures for Holland’s Peter Parker.

Holland wants Miles Morales as the next permanent Spidey when he steps away from the role, and Kevin Feige confirmed that he exists out there somewhere, so there’s really no reason for either Sony or Marvel Studios to hold back on his live-action debut much longer. Whether it happens in the MCU or Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is entirely negligible at this point, the people have spoken, and they want it sooner rather than later.