Milla Jovovich Would Rather See The Fifth Element Remade Than Resident Evil

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Despite Milla Jovovich having a number of onscreen credits under her belt, I think it’s safe to say that the two film properties we associate with her most are The Fifth Element and Resident Evil. After all, the former put her on the map back in the day, and she ended up starring in all six live action flicks released under the banner of the latter.

While doing her press rounds for her latest offering, that being the widely panned Hellboy, Jovovich was asked by Collider which of the two movies just mentioned she’d rather see remade. Granted, her response was bound to incite some surprise either way, but I’ll get to discussing that right now.

At the 3:05 mark in the video found at the link below (it can’t be embedded), Milla reveals that she’d actually prefer to see someone else put their own stamp on The Fifth Element. Originally released in 1997, one could say that enough time has gone by to allow for a re-imagining, but it’s such a cult favorite that I’m not sure how the fanbase would react if such a thing were to be put in development.

Like I said earlier, the ’90s science fiction classic pretty much launched the actress’ career, so it’d be somewhat odd to envision someone else taking up the mantle of Leeloo. But if Jovovich is curious to see how that’d pan out, then perhaps moviegoers should be open to hearing another performer saying “multipass” as well.

When it comes to Resident Evil, however, the term “remake” shouldn’t really be applied because the next director to board that franchise won’t be paying homage to Paul W.S. Anderson’s effort from 2002. Instead, “reboot” is the word of the day because that’s what we’re actually set to receive. With so many video games readily serving as inspiration, there’s no need to borrow from the previous guy behind the camera.

Tell us, are you down for seeing The Fifth Element remade? Or do you want for Sony Pictures to just get on with the Resident Evil reboot already? Sound off in the usual place below!

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