Milla Jovovich Will Join James Franco In Future World


In terms of imaginative premises, Future World must surely rank among the most eye-catching, mind-boggling of all. The dystopian concept, which was originated by James Franco, is set to roll before cameras and has now added Milla Jovovich to the cast. Franco will co-direct with Bruce Thierry Cheung, as well as serving as a cast member himself, and Jovovich will play against type as a villainous drug lord.

Future World finds a post-apocalyptic society, ravaged by disease, heat and war. A young boy, born into nobility, sets out on a journey through this devastated future world, with the aim of finding the medicine his dying mother needs. Though the medicine may prove to be a myth, the boy and his trusty bodyguard press on and confront the Warlord that serves his own agenda, with the aid of a life-like robot assassin.

Warlords, drug lords and life-like robot assassins? This sounds like an interesting, original project, to say the least. The screenplay comes from Bruce Thierry Cheung, Jay Davis and Jeremy Cheung, and looks set to join other upcoming post-apocalyptic movies, such as Ana Lily Amirpour’s cannibal romance, The Bad Batch.

Is the leading edge of another wave of post-apocalyptic tales, or will James Franco switch things up again for us, as he often does in his film projects? It remains to be seen – but if casting Milla Jovovich as a Future World drug lord is an indication of the direction this movie is headed, I am fully on board.