Monsters, Inc. 3D Gets An Eye-Popping Trailer

After almost 11 years, Pixar’s frighteningly fun film, Monsters, Inc., will be re-released in 3D later this year. All this leading up to and celebrating the release of Monsters University, the prequel that will premiere next summer.

Today, Pixar has released the official trailer for Monsters, Inc. 3D and the difference between the original movie and this one is astounding. The most rewarding and obvious result of how far our technology has come in these 11 years is the fur on Sulley. Instead of looking like waving flagella-like protrusions, the fur falls and whiffs almost effortlessly.

Though Mike has no fur or hair to speak of, his body glistens with a certain finesse, much like the rest of the hairless monsters. Needless to say, there are a few breathtaking scenes that Pixar will probably keep from us until the re-release – does door factory ring a bell – in order to save some eye candy for our actual viewing.

Until then, feel free to watch the trailer over and over in anticipation for this film that will surely make you scream with joy.

Source: First Showing