New Morbius Set Photo Reveals A Sneaky Venom Easter Egg

venom Tom Hardy

Though fans were pretty middling about Morbius initially, it suddenly became a must-see with the release of its first trailer, which revealed the Jared Leto-starring flick would also connect to the MCU, thanks to the appearance of Michael Keaton reprising Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming. This was huge, as it confirmed Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters is really an extension of the Marvel Studios franchise.

Speaking of which, new evidence has arrived pointing to Morbius confirming that all Sony’s Marvel films are connected. A recently-surfaced set photo, shared on the r/SUMC subreddit, showcases a wall around a construction site littered with graffiti. And one bit of it that will leap out to Spidey fans is a Venom-ized version of the classic Spider-Man signal drawn on the partition, along with the helpful signature “Venom,” just in case we didn’t work out the reference for ourselves.

As Morbius is set in New York instead of Venom’s native San Francisco, this easter egg must mean that the symbiote anti-hero has become something of a celebrity and has fans across the country. Maybe we’ll get some exploration of Eddie Brock’s alter ego gaining notoriety in Venom 2? Alternatively, this could just be a small nod to Venom that’ll feature in the background of a scene and that’s it.

After all, a similar Morbius easter egg has already caused fans a lot of headaches as it is. That much-discussed Spider-Man poster, with “MURDERER” written across it, suggests it’s Tom Holland’s version and yet it’s an image from the PS4 game. Clearly, the MCU and the films of the SUMC are connected to some degree, but the continuity between them isn’t airtight. Still, superhero fans love nothing more than a crossover, so anything like this will always get folks excited.