More Avengers 4 Promo Art Confirms Thor And Rocket’s Sweet New Armor


The God of Thunder and his sweet rabbit are packing serious heat in today’s leaked Avengers 4 promo art.

Coming to us by way of CBM, both costumes are eerily similar to the one worn by Hank Pym during Ant-Man and the Wasp, in which he was forced to journey through the Quantum Realm in order to rescue his long-lost muse, Janet. Could Thor and Rocket be facing a similar task? If so, they’ll each need to wear a protective suit of armor, as not everyone is blessed with the reality-altering powers of Scott Lang…

Either way, this promo art arrives on the heels of Wednesday’s Iron Man showcase, where leaked artwork appeared to reveal Tony Stark’s weapon(s) of choice going into Avengers 4. It’s more of a classic, back-to-basics approach for Stark, which certainly makes a lot of sense given his world was completely decimated by Thanos and his cruel genocide.

Meanwhile, Thor and Rocket Raccoon are clearly in the process of gearing up for round two…

This toy packaging is believed to be official, too, though Marvel stops short of revealing the final Avengers 4 title. ‘Annihilation’ is said to be the bookie’s favorite at the moment, after the Russo Brothers ruled out ‘Endgame’, ‘Infinity’, and ‘Infinity War – Part 2’ pretty early on in development. What does it mean for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Well, we have some theories of our own

Avengers 4 finally – finally! – sees a release on May 3rd, 2019. Standing between now and then is a little-known standalone movie called Captain Marvel, which looks set to roll out the MCU’s strongest ever character in Carol Danvers. It’s an exciting time for Marvel Studios, and we simply can’t wait to see what’s in store during Phase 4… and beyond.

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