More details revealed from Paul Verhoeven’s upcoming erotic thriller


Having directed RoboCop, Total Recall and Basic Instinct within the space of five years in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Paul Verhoeven shot to the top of every directorial wish-list when Hollywood was piecing together its biggest and broadest genre projects.

Unfortunately, things took a nosedive from there after Showgirls was savaged, Starship Troopers bombed and Hollow Man suffered from a lukewarm critical and commercial reception, with the filmmaker having been absent from Stateside cinema ever since.

Sharon Stone Basic Instinct

However, that’s about to change with Young Sinner, which has Verhoeven re-teaming with RoboCop scribe Edward Neumeier for an erotic thriller set in Washington. Even more details from the 83 year-old’s interview with Movie Maker have been revealed, and it gives us an idea of the plot.

The protagonist is a young staffer who works for a high-profile Senator, and finds herself drawn into a web of intrigue, danger and of course, sex. Verhoeven revealed he’d been consulting with an intelligence officer for an added sense of realism, but he’s also promising that Young Sinner will retain the razor-sharp satire that’s defined his work for decades, and we’re fully on board to see him return to Hollywood with a bang after so long away.