Morena Baccarin Reveals New Details About Her Role In Deadpool


Morena Baccarin has been an actress beloved by fanboys ever since starring in Firefly, and she’s since taken on a number of comic book related roles in the likes of Gotham and The Flash. However, one of the most prolific to date is going to be Deadpool next February, a movie which will see her take on the role of Vanessa Carlysle/Copycat.

While she won’t have her mutant powers in the film, Copycat’s role in Deadpool will be a big one, and Baccarin confirmed that in a recent interview when she shed some light on how exactly the character factors into things.

“I’m in the entire movie, sort of sprinkled throughout, their relationship has a really big arc. So, there’s their meeting point, which is, I guess the backstory on the characters and how they first get together. And then they have-you see this sort of passage of time through this really funny sex montage where you see us, like, having sex throughout the holidays (laughs). It was one of my favorite, believe it or not, things to shoot, even though it sucks being naked all the time. And then you see Wade start to get sick and he gets cancer, and then their relationship becomes all about trying to save him and he, of course, wants to, sort of, send her away so she doesn’t experience that with him and then, um, he finds a way to push her away, disappears, and then we cut to eight years later. The movie is told back and forth through all that, so there’s time cuts, um, it jumps around a lot. But, then you see her at the very end again, um, because he’s been basically just trying to find a way to be comfortable with his crazy face and body now and get her back.”

So, she’ll be getting “action” of a sort in Deadpool then, but how about some actual fight scenes and the like?

“I do get involved in the action. And it’s great. This character’s scrappy, she’s not worried about her hair and her nails or messing around. She gets down and dirty and she’s not a victim, she’s not a damsel in distress. It actually even says that in some of the fighting, she’s like ‘I can take care of myself and if you think I’m just gonna sit here and scream so you can come and rescue me, you’re wrong.’ We’re shooting all that stuff next week, so we’ll see how it goes, but, I’m assuming they’re gonna want me to be pretty, sort of active and not passive in it.”

Baccarin then went on to describe an actual scene from the movie, and it really does appear as if Deadpool is going to be even more crazy than we previously imagined.

“Yeah, the way they meet. She’s at a bar- she comes up to him and she’s gonna try to get him to spend all his money, instead of buying drinks for his friends, on her, on sleeping with her and paying her for it. And, they go into this sorta back and forth about whose life is worse. And, its things like ‘I was abused. Yeah, me too’ he’s like, ‘My Uncle-‘I don’t remember the exact lines-and she goes ‘Uncles-they took turns.” And they just like taunt each other on the shittiest things that have happened to them. And that’s how they fall in love is with a sense of humor and how fucked up their life is.”

The actress also confirms in the interview that she’s signed a multi-picture contract, and as there’s already been talk of a sequel, it should be very interesting to see how this franchise develops next year.

Can Deadpool succeed as Kingsman: The Secret Service did, or are we in store for a similar scenario (a great movie, but one which failed to find an audience). Time will tell…