Morgan Freeman Joins Luc Besson’s Lucy


Already set to star Scarlett Johansson, Luc Besson’s latest action thriller, Lucy, has now picked up Morgan Freeman. The actor will take on a pivotal role in the film, playing a professor who is said to have “extensive knowledge on evolution and the capabilities of the human brain.”

In the film, he’ll aid Johansson’s character, who after being forced to become a drug mule, accidentally absorbs the substances and turns into a “lethal vixen who can move things with her mind, see into the future and doesn’t feel pain.”

After showing us that she can kick-ass with the best of them in The Avengers, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Johansson return to the genre. Under a talented director like Luc Besson, I’m expecting a pure thrill ride with this one that is as sexy as it is exciting.

As for Freeman, you can’t go wrong with the guy. He’s a proven talent and excels in just about every role he takes on. This part seems perfect for him and I can’t wait to see him team up with Johansson to go up against some baddies.

Admittedly, Besson’s upcoming film, The Family, looks pretty bad. I’m not on board with it at all but still, this is the guy who brought us The Fifth Element and Leon The Professional, among others, so I think that he definitely deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt.

Lucy, on the other hand, has all the makings of a great Besson flick and I think that we’re going to be in for another action-packed, balls to the wall thriller when it hits theatres.

What do you think? Does Lucy still excite you even though The Family looks cringe-worthy? Are you still a fan of Luc Besson despite some of the crummier films that he’s been behind in recent years? Can we please pretend like Taken 2 never happened?