Morgan Spurlock Is Making A One Direction Movie

Though somebody unfamiliar with British pop fivesome One Direction could be forgiven for thinking that they deserve their own movie at this point, given that, hey, they’ve been compared to The Beatles and stuff, the difference is that The Beatles made 250 songs of genuine artistry, and One Directionhave this one song. So forgive my unhip, bitter words when I say that I don’t think the Simon Cowell-assembled pop sensation are quite ready for their own movie. Especially one that puts Super Size Me documentarian Morgan Spurlock at the helm, who I definitely thought would not be up for this sort of thing.

Yes, he’s signed on to put together another one of those concert movies in glorious 3D, which means that those perfect smiles (oh, wait, no, they’re British) and product-rendered haircuts will be flying right at your big, screaming faces, ladies. Although, you know, maybe Spurlock will edit the whole thing together in black and white and replicate that scene in A Hard Day’s Night with all the girls chasing after Paul, John, George and Ringo at the station, except this time maybe somebody falls over and goes under the wheels of a train and the others all try and rescue him and then they, too, go under the wheels of a train. Maybe that happens.

Source: The A.V. Club