Mortal Kombat Cast Reveal Who They Want To Fight In The Sequel

Mortal Kombat Kano

Little more than a few days old it may be, but the internet has already been inundated with fierce discussion concerning Mortal Kombat.

Simon McQuoid’s feature-length debut, a long-awaited live-action reboot of NetherRealm’s hugely successful fighting game franchise, has predictably failed to impress critics but triumphed at the box office. In fact, initial signs indicate that the adaptation has performed considerably better than Warner Bros.’ other spring blockbusterGodzilla vs. Kong – on HBO Max and accrued more than enough ticket sales to warrant a sequel.

That alone is no guarantee that a follow-up will ever be made, but all signs point to a second outing being as good as set in stone. In fact, amidst reports that work on another installment has already entered the early stages, actors such as Joe Taslim have confirmed that they’re contracted to appear in multiple chapters, no doubt alongside a noticeably expanded cast of characters.

As for who will make the cut next time around, only fictional Hollywood superstar Johnny Cage has been officially teased, though Taslim’s co-stars certainly aren’t at a loss when it comes to who they’d like to face off against in the titular tournament. Speaking remotely to CinemaBlend in a recent interview, Mehcad Brooks, who plays Special Forces operative Jackson “Jax” Briggs in the film, name-dropped several familiar faces, including Ermac, Baraka and Kitana. Likewise, both Brooks and Josh Lawson (Kano) put forward Cage, with the latter even going so far as to name James Marsden as an actor who they think would be a perfect fit for the role. All worthwhile mentions, then, but it’s worth noting that wishes and reality rarely coincide.

Should Mortal Kombat 2 ever materialize, though, let us know in the usual place below who you’d like to see added to the roster and the stars you’d like to fill each role.