Mortal Kombat Fans Campaign For Gal Gadot To Play Kitana In The Sequel


Mortal Kombat has become an immediate smash hit for Warner Bros., proving even more popular than previous major movie releases on HBO Max. In fact, it earned more views in its first three days on the streaming platform than Godzilla vs. Kong did in five. It feels like there’s a good chance that the studio will order up a sequel, then, especially as the first movie held back a few fan favorite characters to keep things fresh in a follow-up.

One of these is Kitana, the warrior princess of Outworld, and there’s one name being talked about online more than any other in connection with the role. Yes, fans really want to see Wonder Woman icon Gal Gadot play Kitana in Mortal Kombat 2. The concept seems to have originated from fan artist BossLogic, who mocked up an image of Gadot in the role a while back. Since MK‘s release, it’s gone viral again and folks can’t get enough of the idea, as you can see below.

“Pls yes!!!”

Looking good.


Is Warner Bros. paying attention?

People are making their wants known.

Gadot is such a convincing fan cast that some thought she’d already got the gig.

Let’s speak it into existence.

Folks are even noting that Talisa Soto – who played Kitana in the 90s Mortal Kombat movies – looks a lot like Gadot.

There’s clearly a lot of love for Gadot becoming Kitana in the sequel, though it has to said that some are not so keen on the idea. Black actress Sisi Stringer plays Mileena in the just-released movie, and she’s traditionally depicted as Kitana’s twin sister. So, some would like an African-American actress to take the role. Alternatively, others are keen for an Asian star to be cast, as per Kitana’s usual depiction in the video games.

Do you want to see Gal Gadot play Kitana in the next Mortal Kombat, though, do you have someone else in mind? Join the discussion in the comments section below.