Mortal Kombat Fans Freaking Out Over The Movie Heading To Netflix

Mortal Kombat

You’ve no doubt heard of Netflix and chill… but what about Netflix and kill?

That’s the unofficial tagline that accompanied the return of Mortal Kombat to the online streaming platform.

News broke just yesterday that Netflix was adding Paul W. S. Anderson’s cult favorite to its ever-changing content library next month – April 1st, to be specific. And sure enough, Mortal Kombat fans have taken to Twitter to express their delight that the ’90s gem was returning to the platform.

It all started when Ed Boon tweeted‘s story with the aforementioned caption, and the replies were littered with excitement and straight-up passion for all things Mortal Kombat. Oh, and more than a few suggestions that Boon’s tweet was in some way confirming the next playable character headed to the so-hot-right-now Mortal Kombat 11.

See for yourself:

Flawless victory, indeed. As we mentioned before, the 1995 actioner was helmed by Paul W. S. Anderson, long before he sunk his teeth into the Umbrella Corporation.

Yes, Anderson continued his video game movie streak by moving into the Resident Evil franchise once Mortal Kombat saw the warm light of day. Fast forward to now, and with Alice’s story effectively over – save for the Netflix series currently in development – Anderson has moved on to pastures anew, given he’s been appointed at the helm of Capcom’s live-action Monster Hunter movie.

Closer to home, though, and there’s another video game franchise that’s about to arrive. Straight out of the ’90s, look for Mortal Kombat to hit Netflix on April 1st, when we’ll no doubt still be under lockdown as the Coronavirus situation continues. You can find a full breakdown of everything headed to Netflix next month (Extraction! Community! More!) right here.