Mortal Kombat Producer Says Every Fight Will Have Its Own Personality

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is fast becoming one of this year’s most anticipated movie releases, and for good reason.

Make no mistake, high-brow storytelling this video game adaptation certainly won’t be, but in terms of expertly-choreographed fight scenes and loyalty to the source material – two all-important qualities for this franchise – director Simon McQuoid and the film’s crew appear to have knocked both out of the park. Indeed, from what’s been revealed so far, via trailers and interviews, producers James Wan and Todd Garner, in particular, paint themselves as folks keenly aware of what makes the series tick, and it’s not just gallons of the red stuff, though that’ll certainly be present in abundance.

As for who will be trading blows with who, Garner declined to share any specific match-ups beyond those already confirmed, but promised that each and every set piece will have its own individual personality. As for what that means exactly, recent comments provided at a press event attended by shed further light on the topic.

“Every single fight in this movie has its own personality,” Garner begins, adding that one of the most brutal fights he’s ever personally seen on screen is in the martial arts flick. Sub-Zero freezing Scorpion’s blood before impaling him with it is offered as a prime example of how each conflict will be unique to each belligerent, with another undoubtedly being Kano’s iconic heart rip.

We remain as excited as ever to watch Mortal Kombat when it lands in theaters next month, then, but what about you? Let us know which of Earthrealm and Outworld’s forces you’re hoping to see enter the ring (and leave with their lives) come April 16th in the usual place below!