Mortal Kombat Reboot Producer Teases Big Announcement Coming Soon

Mortal Kombat

The long-awaited return of Mortal Kombat to the big screen may not be going ahead in some places, but it will be watchable in 2021, one way or another.

As confirmed by distributor Warner Bros. last week, the reboot will be one of several highly anticipated films (including The Matrix 4 and Dune) appearing on streaming platform HBO Max the very same day as in theaters, the latter of which could still end up never happening, depending on restrictions necessitated by COVID-19. The move has since been heavily criticized by many in the industry as essentially contributing to the death of both independent and chain cinemas, which have struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic. Whether those worst fears will come to fruition remains to be seen, but for consumers, at least, the initiative offers a welcome choice.

In light of the good news that Mortal Kombat is on track to meet its originally planned release, then, co-producer Todd Garner has decided to offer a brief but exciting update over on Twitter. The post, which you can see below, features an image of the action film’s recently revealed logo and is accompanied by a simple “News tomorrow…” teaser. What this will entail is anyone’s guess, of course, though given how close fans are to witnessing Scorpion, Sub-Zero and countless others beat the living snot out of each other in live-action once more, Garner could well be alluding to a trailer.

Other alternatives, meanwihle, include confirmation of who actor Lewis Tan will be playing in the movie, as he’s yet to be publicly awarded a role. Considering the character’s notable absence so far, Tan is expected to portray Earthrealm warrior Johnny Cage, but that remains unconfirmed for now.

Mortal Kombat releases January 15th, 2021 in theaters and on HBO Max.

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