Mortal Kombat Star Shares Love For Fans After Trailer’s Record-Breaking Success

Mortal Kombat

Over 116 million people watched the trailer for Warner Bros.’ Mortal Kombat reboot in the first week it was online, which in 99% of cases would translate to a bumper opening weekend at the box office. But while there are still seven weeks to go until the video game adaptation arrives on the big screen, there’ve been no signs of the theatrical industry recovering to that sort of degree by then.

Luckily, the martial arts actioner debuts simultaneously on HBO Max, which is set to experience a huge surge in subscribers between now and April 16th. Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Godzilla vs. Kong and then Mortal Kombat are due, and all three titles will appeal to much of the same audience.

That means the millions who’ll no doubt be signing up to catch the Snyder Cut on launch day will stick around for the rest of the platform’s incoming content, which is good news for Mortal Kombat especially. Video game movies are still far from a sure thing, after all, and HBO Max viewership numbers will be just as important as the box office when it comes to determining any potential sequels.

Star Lewis Tan recently took to social media and celebrated Mortal Kombat becoming the most-watched red band trailer in YouTube history, and he couldn’t help but mention that it knocked one of his own movies off the top spot, as you can see below.

Tan was briefly seen as Shatterstar in Deadpool 2, but he can take much more of the credit for Mortal Kombat seeing as he’s the leading man. Cole Young still remains shrouded in mystery, of course, but whether he’s got a secret identity or not, he could be set to lead a multi-film series for years to come.