Julia Ormond To Play Superman’s Mother

Announced today was another cast member for the upcoming Superman reboot Man of SteelJulia Ormond will play Superman’s Kryptonian mother, Lara. THR reports that the Zack Snyder-directed pic made her an offer yesterday, effectively finishing up the last bit of parental casting.

Ormond joins an all-star cast, with the recent announcement that Russell Crowe will be coming onboard as biological father Jor-el, and Kevin Costner and Diane Lane set to play Superman’s human parents. Crowe will reprise the role that iconic actor Marlon Brando made so famous in the original 1978 Superman. Brando apparently made a huge amount of money for his small cameo role, but filmmakers at the time thought he had the right acting cred to bring some awe to the role. Crowe certainly has the acting chops (and some of the heft) to make a decent Jor-el, and French actress Ormond has an impressive number of films under her belt and some amazing range.

Plus we trust executive producer Christopher Nolan‘s casting choices, given that he is known for having stellar casts in his films. He has been involved in all the casting decisions, particularly the major ones. He did some great things for the Batman franchise when he helmed Batman reboot Batman BeginsThe Dark Knight and now The Dark Knight Rises.

Not counting Snyder’s last fantasy action pic Sucker Punch, he has some impressive films to his name, like 300 and Watchmen. Hopefully, with Nolan’s participation and Snyder’s artistic touch, Man of Steel will be an awesome revivification of the Superman franchise.

What are your thoughts on Ormond being cast as Superman’s mother?