Motion Posters For Transformers: The Last Knight Gather Old Friends And New


Optimus Prime, Barricade, Hound, Megatron, Hot Rod, Bumblebee, Sqweeks and Anthony Hopkins’ all-new Cogman each get their own fleeting character profiles in today’s series of Transformers: The Last Knight motion posters. Unveiled via Michael Bay’s personal Twitter feed, you’ll be able to find them all above. Those iconic robots in disguise will be at loggerheads come June 23rd, and previous trailers have teased the ways in which Bumblebee and Optimus – arguably the two robotic mascots of Paramount’s live-action universe – lock horns in The Last Knight.

Circling back to those two newcomers, though, and Sqweeks and Cogman couldn’t be more different. The former is a pint-sized moped able to transform into a bipedal assistant, while the latter has been described as a “centuries-old manservant with anger issues.” Adding to that, Bay’s Tweet goes on to claim that Anthony Hopkins’ tenacious droid is simultaneously “your most loyal and dangerous servant.” Color us intrigued.

Now that the robot spotlight has finished, it’s important to remember that Transformers: The Last Knight features a starry ensemble comprised of newcomer Isabela Moner, Mark Wahlberg, Laura Haddock, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Hopkins, Jerrod Carmichael, John Goodman, John Turturro, Josh Duhamel, Gil Birmingham, and Jean Dujardin.

Transformers: The Last Knight will unleash a whole new form of Bayhem on June 23rd. It heralds something of a fresh start for Paramount’s marquee franchise, particularly after the studio formed a writers room soon after the dust settled on Age of Extinction. So far, the results have been a Bumblebee spinoff – Travis Knight has been appointed at the helm for that one – along with a sixth mainline installment that will seemingly be with us in 2019. Beyond that, it’s anyone guess.