Arnold Schwarzenegger Only Regrets Making One Movie In His Career

arnold schwarzenegger

It would be a pretty hefty understatement to say that Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived an interesting life. Born into a poor family in an Austrian town populated by little over 2000 people, he went on to become arguably the greatest and definitely the most famous bodybuilder who ever lived, and was a millionaire several times over before he even launched a film career thanks to some smart real estate investments.

He then dominated the 1980s and 90s as one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, a proven box office draw and one of cinema’s all-time greatest action heroes, with a string of classics in the genre under his belt including the first two installments in the Terminator franchise, Conan the Barbarian, Commando, Predator, Total Recall, True Lies and more.

Schwarzenegger even moved into politics and spent two terms as the Governor of California before making his return to acting, but such a legendary career doesn’t come without its missteps. Indeed, the 73 year-old has starred in his fair share of bad movies over the decades, but the only one he actively regrets making is 1985’s Red Sonja.

red sonja

Based on the title heroine created by Conan‘s Robert E. Howard, Arnie completely phones it in as Lord Kalidor, a thinly-veiled reprisal of his previous barbaric role after the production wasn’t allowed the rights to use the ‘Conan’ name. To leverage his star power, Arnold Schwarzenegger was bumped up to a major supporting part despite initially only agreeing to make a cameo, and he was on the set for four weeks as opposed to the one that was originally planned.

He’s regularly named Red Sonja as the worst movie and biggest mistake he’s ever been part of, and even joked in the past that if his kids misbehaved, they’d have to watch it ten times in a row as punishment.