I’d Rather Be At The Movies: “Matt Talks Current VOD Talent, Justine Listens” (Episode 2)


Well, well, well, look who’s back for more – or if you’re a first timer, welcome to I’d Rather Be At The Movies, We Got This Covered’s film podcast darling. Entering our second week of official podding, Justine and I are starting to get the hang of this whole “talk about movies” gig, but we’ll accept any feedback from you guys on how to become the best podcasters in the multiverse. Oh, you guys all know my co-host Justine Browning, right? New York City press circuit mainstay, and WGTC’s red carpet correspondent? Sorry newbies, don’t want to leave you uninformed.

This week sees some pretty interesting releases in Robocop, Endless Love, and Winter’s Tale – but honestly, who cares about those? You can stay tuned for theatrical reviews on all those titles and more, right here at WGTC, but this week I thought it’d be more fun to talk about lesser known Video On Demand releases that you could be watching instead of the generic Hollywood products – and Justine was certainly along for the ride. I do apologize for jabbering on about all the insane movies I watched last week, but think of this as an educational experience. Professor Nato came prepared, and Justine was my pupil – bless her heart for humoring me. From Grand Piano to Lucky Bastard, I’ve got a whole slew of movies worth recommending – or avoiding.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy another episode of I’d Rather Be At The Movies, connecting you with the latest in cinema and Blu-Ray happenings. Don’t forget to find us on Stitcher, subscribe on iTunes, follow our RSS feed – all that jazz – and don’t be afraid to get involved in the process! We love to hear what our listeners think. Hope everyone find’s this week’s podcast informative, and we encourage you to check out all the movies that were positively referenced. Did I mention you should all go watch Grand Piano right now? Wait, sorry, not right now, listen to the podcast first, THEN watch Grand Piano immediately. Don’t do it for me though – do it for Elijah Wood.

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