MTV Awards To Herald Sneak Peek At Spider-Man: Homecoming


Bingo cards at the ready, folks, for Sunday’s annual MTV Awards ceremony is set to present a treasure trove of footage pulled from some of the biggest summer blockbusters lining the calendar – with the exception of Andy Muschietti’s two-part It reboot, which is more in-your-face horror than a bright and breezy summer tentpole.

Nevertheless, after Transformers: The Last Knight booked its place at Sunday’s awards ceremony, we now have word that Spider-Man: Homecoming will also be in attendance. Per Twitter, Marvel is seemingly prepping a new sneak peek at Jon Watts’ star-studded reboot, so don’t be expecting anything too extensive – indeed, if it’s an in-depth preview you’re after, look no further than the scintillating second trailer that premiered back in March.

Here’s confirmation of that unveiling, along with a familiar action shot of Spidey hitching a ride:

The big question now is, of course, how much footage Marvel will choose to reveal. Our guess? Sunday could herald the first official clip for Homecoming, which may lean toward a crowd-pleasing exchange between Tom Holland’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), who are set to build on their father-son dynamic forged in Captain America: Civil War. An extended TV spot seems to be the more likely candidate, which could bring with it a closer look at Michael Keaton as the all-powerful Vulture (AKA Adrian Toomes). One way or another, we’ll have the full reveal for you right here the moment it goes live.

Spider-Man: Homecoming scurries into theaters on July 7th and if a recent “secret shoot” is anything to go by, Tom Holland, Jon Favreau, and Robert Downey Jr. could be staging a Marvel-themed surprise in time for Homecoming‘s theatrical launch. Watch this space for more.

Source: MTV